What to Buy?

I often get asked to recommend camera’s there are so many to choose from and it depend what your planning to shoot? I have included what I use as well as other

What’s on my wish list! For Compact and performance I’d like this for taking family photos to sports. Pro quality images and build with on camera filters.

Tripods Pro to basic


Consider Second hand Pro Camera – £5000 new but second hand for under £300 if your more about the right image than shinny and new.

Canon 1d Pro (£5000 New) Sport Wedding Portrait

Canon 5d Pro £2800 Wedding Portrait

Canon 4000D £260

Canon IXUS for your pocket

Nikon D5 pro to Pocket options

Adding on Camera Flash from Pro RT600 to Yongnuo (Canon Copy)

Lens for Pro spec Canon

A 70-200mm and a 24-70mm will cover most scenarios