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 Hopscotch-natural-nursery-photography Nursery photography Hopscotch-natural-nursery-photography Nursery photography Hopscotch-natural-nursery-photography Nursery photography

Hopscotch has created a new and vibrant approach with Natural nursery school photography. Natural nursery photography in reportage style therefore we don’t use backdrops, taking up valuable space in your setting.

We use the settings indoor and outdoor area and let the children play capturing real smiles, character and memories

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Hopscotch Natural Photographers
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We take portraits in and around the nursery as, most importantly, the children are comfortable in their environment playing with friends.Hopscotch-natural-nursery-photography

This allows us capture real characters and expression. We use the environment and surroundings to add interest to the portrait. Consequently our approach avoids upset and tears that can be associated with traditional photography methods.

Hopscotch Natural PhotographersHopscotch Natural Photographers

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