Social Distancing for Nursery photography

Well we didn’t realised 15 years ago that this would become a necessessary aspect of photography. This means we have been practicing for a while now. So we got this.

Aways shooting with a 200mm Lens which is a minimum distance of 1.4m but 3m is ideal

Nursery photography

Playing as usual.

  1. Outdoors – We have always loved about letting the children play outdoors and capture the natural smiles. This make the whole day much more fun for the children, me and the staff within the setting.

We often get the comments from Staff and Managers that Hopscotch photos is the easiest stress free photo day they have ever had.

2. Photographed in small groups – Small groups are great for us allowing the children to play on their favorite places in the setting.

3. Use a 200mm Lens – So 3m away from the children is quite normal for us. We have always used 200mm lens for the benefit of allowing children their own space to play freely.

If you are now looking for a new approach to your photography day we have been ready to hear from your for 15 years.

email for more details and availability

Nursery photography

Always great results

Nursery photography