Raise funds for your school or Nursery – Paintpots

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Paint Paint Paint!



A picture is a poem without words – Horace
Its lovely to see the creativity of little minds.
If you would like your child’s masterpiece framed ask your schools or nursery to get intouch


Raise funds for your school or Nursery

1. Register – Email or phone to book your project into our schedule. Contact us

 2. Template Use plain white A3 paper. Giving the artist scope to be creative

3. Paint paint paint Children create their masterpiece

4. Collection When all your designs are finished simply email us at collection@paintpots.org to request your free collection.

5. Return An order card for each child to take home are delivered to your school along with a sale or return individual artwork.

 6. Ordering Parents can order and return the completed order forms and money to the school or order online Order online

7. Printing and Packing We print your products and deliver to your school within 21 days. Along with your 10% commission on all order.

8. Commission  – we will be send a cheque back to school or pay via bacs if requested.

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Paint Paint Paint!
To get the best results use poster paints or watercolours, acrylics,. Bold colours are better for a striking artwork

Pencils and felt tips
We  do not recommend using pencil or felt tips as they don’t always appear bold enough

Feel free to add glitter, and coloured tissues and sticky paper if flat.

Avoid letting children scribble as this can be seen as a missed opportunity by parents.

Close supervision and support while completing art work

Chalks, Pastels and charcoal don’t always travel well. These can arrive with us a smudged version of the originals glory.

Foot and hands prints
Always make great personal artwork