Pure Body Massage Therapy

We’ve all felt that exhaustion.
When your body has just had had enough. We all need to take care of ourselves and recharge your wellbeing.

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Or Bring some sunshine into your life and some heat into your sore muscles and book a hot stones massage and soothe this cloudy feeling away.

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Prescription Massage and Sports Massage Therapy
Offering Professional, Clinical and Relaxation Massage Treatments tailored to you.

Joanne also lectures Sports Massage at the Yorkshire College of Beauty.
Located in LS28 5PG Calverley, Pudsey


The Benefits of Massage

• Reduction in heart rate and blood pressure.
• Reduction in the level of stress hormones in the body.
• Boost to immune system.
• Increase in serotonin (a pain relieving, mood-enhancing hormone).
• Stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic (waste-disposal) system.
• Brings an agitated physiology to a state of deeply relaxed calm.
• Relief of muscle spasm and tension.
• Increase joint flexibility and range of motion.
• Promotes deeper and easier breathing.
• Increases the removal of fluids and waste products improving digestion.
• Nourishes the skin, improves posture and body awareness.
• Speeds recovery period from physical exercise by flushing the muscles of lactic acid.
• Can aid with recovery from injury.

 About Your Therapist

Joanne Clifford BA (Hons.) ITEC (distinction)

Joanne graduated from Leeds University after studying History and Primary Education. She then taught Primary Education in Bradford until she decided to start a family, being now a mother to three energetic children.

Understanding the challenges we all face with modern life and stress, Joanne chose to begin a new career path and trained at the Yorkshire College of Beauty in Massage Therapy.

Joanne then continued to train in other massage disciplines such as Pregnancy Massage, Indian Head, Hot Stones Therapy and again returned to the Yorkshire College of Beauty to complete an extensive Sports Massage training course.

In a world where we are too often focused on the day to day grind, and do not take time to look after our own health, Massage Therapy helps to treats the whole self, relaxing both body and mind to create a sense of well-being. Now with over 5 years of therapeutic experience, the Pure Body Massage treatment room is the next step for Joanne, enabling flexible appointment times in a comfortable calming environment.

Joanne is also currently providing soft tissue Massage Therapy to the Bradford Bulls rugby team and has also worked in palliative care at Sue Ryder hospice, providing Massage Therapy to residential and day care patients.

In addition to running her business, Joanne also lectures Sports Massage at the Yorkshire College of Beauty.

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